Mississippi still does not want to deter the past.

Mississippi is well known as a racism state around the globe. The report make it seems that people in Mississippi still resent a strong feeling of hatred toward blacks. In the past, racism was widespread in Mississippi, in which they have considered blacks as slaves, and uneducated. Slavery as we discuss it in class is a good example of social construction of inequality and injustice. We are in Brandon, Mississippi mostly white town, where a 19 years old, Deryl Dedmon, is being charged with capital murder and hate crimes for the killing of a black man: “James Anderson”. Standing alone at night in front of a motel he had been beaten and run over by a truck by Dedmon with six other teens. Only one of the six teens, John Aaron Rice was charged with simple assault. The five others have not been interrogated, but there is chance that they may be called for questioning later for their involvement.

Through the article, it is no longer a surprise to anyone that shows Dedmon, as a racist and his crime he is just pure hate crime. He is well known in his school a racist person and his bad behaviors toward black people and any whites who are friends with backs, are very scary and dangerous. One of his school mates, Jordan Richardson, 17 years old, said he was bullied, beaten and harassed by Dedmon because; he has black friend. For him, “Deryl always, I think, just carried around this backpack of hatred”. There is no emotion and conscience in Dedmon, he is still having this strong hate toward black people, and he just does not like them. Jordan father’s Brian Richardson, whose is also a pastor at Brandon said he  had one time called the police to break a confrontation between his son and Dedmon and he also had been warned his son for a year and half that Dedmon will kill him one day. In contrary to community of Brandon, people who have never met Dedmon said there has been not trouble caused by these teens, especially by Dedmon. Through what I have understood in the article, his community are supportive, they share this strong feeling of solidarity to the point that they do not care if he is innocent or guilty, as long as he is white and the victims is black.  In addition to that, Brandon assistant police chief Chris Butts confirmed that “We don’t have the issues that the media is portraying … you’re going to have a couple of bad seeds”. For him the media is trying to make it a whole big deal where is not supposed to be. For him this is the only single accident caused by Dedmon, but Dedmon appears to him also as a good kid in his eyes because there is no record of him at the police station.

However, the night of the killing Dedmon and his friends after they had been partying all night, had decided to go in mission to kill a black person. It was something that they had planned it before they got into action. The seven teens were separated in two different vehicles when they headed to Jackson mostly black neighborhood, after the pass the hall way they saw the victim in front of a motel parking. They got off beaten him. Dedmon in company with two girls in his truck run over the victim and left died on curse of the road. After they went to Mc Donald and he said to the other friend on the phone that “I run over that nigger”. Unfortunately for him his all actions were recorded in a video camera.

People argue that is the only accident caused by him while others claim that he is guilty because a person cannot be bad only one, especially he had planned to kill a black that night. Meaning that his behavior pop up but it shows the kinds of environment he has been raised of, in order to commit this atrocity.  This nature of crime is very cruel. If you examine closing to all of his actions, we can ask ourselves, how he has been raised by parents, that may not be taught him how to accept black people , or may be just seen blacks are trash and they are no good of our country.

Also this hate toward blacks may describe their fears, insecurity and self-esteem. Their
social classes as being a working middle and lower  class make them believe that even though they are not financially satisfied with their income at least they  can feel proud by being whites,  because they can do many things and get away from it. The good part is they think, they are more important and superior than blacks who are even rich. That’s what happen sometime when whites are not happy, their principal target are minority whom they feel their superior to them in any ways.

Mississippi is the last state where black people had gotten lots of struggle in order to get their freedom. The civil war, the lynching and Jim crow Law had been part of Mississippi history. I feel like Mississippi still does not know how to let things go away. They just hate them just because they are blacks. Also people in Mississippi do not want to see any opportunity that can rise up black people. The idea that can be as smart as them is an avoided topic in Mississippi. Now that they are sharing equally restaurant, school, bus and so on; things that were not possible in the past, still their rights and security are fully enforced by laws. White people are afraid because they think black people are in their way to take over their states, as saying by Dedmon “we have to take our county back” as if it was some kind of war between them. Children look up to their parents, may be Mississippi is not still a welcoming for black people. Dedmon has played not guilty until proven.

Article by Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit
Sat October 22, 2011

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